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A list of the services we provide


We're offering a full range of services for all your eCommerce, order fulfilment pick & pack, warehousing needs

Out services include everything below but are not limited to them
We can offer tailored services that you think may not fit within our scope
We will work around your needs, making it as easy as possible for you to switch over to us as your order fulfilment partner
Our goal is to let you sell your goods (marketing) without the worries of stock and getting your orders to your customers.
The less stress you have, the easier it is for you to grow your business

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Order fulfilment

Order fulfilment or Pick & pack is defined as the many stages involved in receiving, processing and delivering orders to your customers.

  • Receiving your stock
  • Placing stock into Locations
  • Adding stock to your online inventory
  • Receiving your daily orders
  • Picking stock for your orders
  • Wrapping items
  • Packing items
  • Creating post/address labels
  • Shipping your orders to your customers


Shipping is the process of selecting a courier/shipper and placing address labels on your orders then sending to your customers

  • Entering your orders into the post system
  • Printing address labels
  • Fixing labels to your orders
  • Booking collection
  • Handing your orders over to the shipping/courier company

Warehouse storage

Warehouse storage is the process of storing your goods in our warehouses or stock rooms under controlled environments

  • Storing your goods in a controlled environment
  • Storage in a warehouse or stock rooms
  • Placed in bins/locations for ease of picking
  • Your stock may have special requirements
  • Pelleted storage
  • Cool storage
  • Warm storage
  • Dry storage
  • Dust free storage


For your customers, the ability to easily return purchased items is an important part of the buying decision. For online sellers, the ability to handle those returns is critical to your business

  • All your orders will be sent with a return address
  • Customers can have a return label for instant return
  • You will receive an email telling you the item was returned
  • Returns can be placed in stock, destroyed or put to the side and sent back to you

Postage and packaging

Postage & packaging is the process of packing your orders and making them ready to be shipped by the shipper/courier. The proper packaging will be used

  • Your orders need to be safe and secure before they are sent
  • Boxes, jiffy bags, bags or any other packaging is used
  • You select what type of packaging you need to be used
  • We can use your branded boxes and packaging
  • Fragile labels can be added to your orders
  • All orders are securely boxed and taped down
  • Packaging such as peanuts, bubble wrap, paper and card can be placed into the order to make it secure for shipping
  • Orders can also be gift wrapped

API Integration

API integration is the process of pulling your orders directly from your shopping cart, email, amazon or any other selling channel you use. This is done automatically, daily

  • You send us an API key from your selling channel (Simple)
  • We install the details into our system
  • Orders can be pulled from any selling channel you use
  • Your order is then marked as "completed" automatically
  • Tracking numbers can then be sent to your customers automatically

Interested in our services? Just request a free quote and we will simply send you a quote - if youre happy with it, we can go to the next stage, if not then no harm done.

We will send you a detailed quote with all prices and all options