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Our prices are not set in stone but the price list will give you a pretty accurate idea of what your final quote will be.

Just download it and have a look (On the right)

Once you have had a look at the prices and are happy (As we are sure you will be) we can start the process below..

  • The process for setting you up and start sending your orders to your customers are...
  • You can goto this link to request a quote CLICK HERE
  • Once you are happy with it, simply digitally sign the quote/agreement and send it back to us in PDF format
  • Send us your stock
  • We will inventory your stock and send you an online inventory list thats updated in real time
  • Once you are happy with your stock we can setup your API integration to your Shopping cart (Ebay, Amazon, Shopift, Woocommerce etc...) Or you may just want to send us a daily CSV list of your orders
  • We can then start receiving your orders the same day
  • We will send your orders to your customers using the shipping options you agreed with us


Thats it, very simple

Oh. By the way, we don't have any hidden fees


Interested in our services? Just request a free quote and we will simply send you a quote - if youre happy with it, we can go to the next stage, if not then no harm done.

We will send you a detailed quote with all prices and all options